Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Bonnets for my girls!!!

The Easter Bonnet parade is always a fun time to get creative with my children!! Lilly doesn't look happy in her photo here as its about to fall off, it was the end of a long day of a long school term and here i was making her stay there for photo's!!! Ah the joys.....however it DID win Runner up in the "Most Creative" section hehehe. It was made by using a balloon and paper mache, lots of paint.....lots of paint, hadn't done paper mache in 35 years, i reckon!!!
Rhiannon's hat was a lot easier, but just as pretty. It was made with black cardboard, lots of gems to glue on and felt rabbit shapes.


Three tiers of Rivioli Swarvoski Crystals on a Spiral Rope chain and silver clasp. beautiful shades of purple.

Swarvoski Crystal Necklace, for sale in my Etsy shop!!!!

Heartease Stumpwork

I love Stumpwork embroidery, its so much fun creating 3D with needle and thread and beads!!!

Miniature Goth Witches and a random Mermaid....

More Polymer clay projects....

Butterfly Ball Set

Another cool piece for sale at my Etsy shop!!