Sunday, August 17, 2008

Magick Potions

Inspired by the Harry Potter books, i have created some fun potion bottles to wear. Featuring an authentic looking label on tiny weeny bottles filled with magical fun. Potions and their colours in brackets, included are........
AMORTENTIA- the most powerful love potion in the world (mother of pearl)
CALMING DRAUGHT- calms emotional turmoil (blue)
ELIXIR OF LIFE- extends life if drank all the time (silvery blue)
FELIX FELICIUS-ultimate luck potion (molten gold)
INVIGORATION DRAUGHT- invigorates user (gold)
ELIXIR TO INDUCE EUPHORIA- induces euphoria (sunshine yellow)
STRENGTHENING SOLUTION- gives strength (salamander red)
DR. UBBLY'S OBLIVIOUS UNCTION- used to heal scarring left by thoughts (yellow)
DRAUGHT OF PEACE- calms and soothes agitation (white)
These potion bottles come with a handmade beaded strap in either spiral rope or twisted herringbone, the length and colours are by your request. The one featured in this photograph is Amortentia with a spiral rope chain in pinks and white and is also dotted with swarovski crystals. Carry your own piece of magical fun for only $25 + postage of $8. Thanks for looking!!

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