Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spiral Bangle

I tried this wonderful pattern about 5 years ago and I used Silamide thread, which I really like using. It called for the thread to be doubled, but I find it so annoying so I didn't....big mistake, the bangle kept breaking the thread as I made it and eventually it all fell apart!!! In a shopping centre with beads flying everywhere!!!

I wanted to give it another go with a nicer blue bead colour too, so i started another using Fireline. It has worked wonderfully and I did not have to double it :)

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G Leigh said...

This is beatiful! - I love fireline!! - I had a necklace break the first fifteen minutes I wore it (unfortunate encounter with the seatbelt!) -went home switched to fireline and never looked back!! -- I haven't had a chance to really look at everything - but I love what I have seen so far! -- I actually came across your site from the reference to the umbrige set on the Harry potter crafts group. That woman is so vile! -- I love the work you did on the ring/brooch. Beady hugs - Ginger