Sunday, January 11, 2009

Whats happening lately...

My daughter Rhiannon is having a Mermaid Birthday party in 2 weeks, so me being me, cannot just hold a birthday party. I must make it crafty and crazy. It is in the theme of Ariel from the Walt Disney characters, I made invitations for all her classmates, as a "Message in a Bottle" they were a real hit!! I used recycled "pop top" bottles and spray painted the lids gold. The invitations were done on teas stained paper with the edges burnt a little, and rolled them up and tied with a ribbon. On the outside i stuck 2 big stickers which i wrote on with the embossing pens, putting the recipient's name etc.

I am now in full speed ahead to make some fish, shells, and other decorations as well as costumes for my other 2 children. Matthew wants to go as King Triton and Lilly wants to go as Eric's Dog!! hehehe

I am itching to get back into some more ploymer clay, but it may have to wait until i finish crafting for this party. And I am also cross stitching a Pug for Lilly to make her a cushion for her first year at school.They have a little nap each day :)

I'll post a pic of my first attemjpt at a SPRITE, she is not so good, i have a looong way to go......but i am so keen to do more figures in clay.

Today i joined the Creative Everyday Challenge, i figure with all that i do, i am creative sooooo much each day i am surely a contibutor to these things!!!!

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