Monday, June 15, 2009

Feathered Sun

This is a cross stitch project i started WAAAAAAY back in 1995. My Mum saw it and asked if i would do it for her. This was the time before children (BC) and i jumped at the chance!! I worked solidly on it, and grew tired of it so i started several other projects and also discovered my love for beading :) Then my life really changed direction and I had my children!!!!! It was consquently put away for nearly 9 years and only 6 weeks ago i pulled it out of hiding and decided to finish it for Mum as we went through a huge loss in the family of my eldest brother Ricky.

Here it is framed and ready to be sent to Mum. All the motifs have significant meanings,

The Border= North-Black, South-Red, East-White, West-Orange

Moon= Full Moon-light of the Great Spirit

Sun= Universal Spirit, Heart of the Sky

Feathered Sun= Combined symbols of sun and eagle and it depicts the universe. White feathers represent man, brown feathers represent woman.

Eagle= Universal spirit, revelation, a mediator between sky and earth.

Gorget= Leather pendant painted with Thunderbird, symbolism as for Eagle.

Elk= Supernatural power, whirlwind.

Bear= Supernatural power, strength, fortitude, whirlwind.

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